Managing Director Speaks

We are thankful to the parents of our first batch / founder students in particular and other visitors in general who have shared their due concern with the flourishment of “National Public School”. Al-hamdulillah, the efforts have maintained our expected target of enrolment in the school within time. Since in the first instance, we were not in a position to accommodate the students for 1st to 5th standard due to shortage of facilities and other amenities despite of parent’s expectations. But we were committed to upgrade the school only after the accommodation, other facilities are maintained and desirable staff is recruited within norms. We are looking forward to see the satisfaction of students, parents and the public in general. However, in the beginning years, the school administration may see tremendous difficulties to tackle with the comments raised by the public and the education department for smooth functioning of the school. Hence it is observed that the department and the school administration are satisfied with the approach and other efforts of the Management. We are thankful to our Principal and other staff members in co-operating us and maintaining the discipline in the school

We are fully aware that, now-a-days it is very difficult for parents to decide the school where to admit the children, as there are many schools with different facilities. They are confused as to where the child should study for 12 years to find a place for himself/her self in life. Therefore, we are trying our level best to get the captioned school above all our experience and knowledge with the help of field experts as well.

We do not claim any right over the objectives of the school, but we feel it obligatory on our part to be sincere in maintaining the status-co of the school. Therefore, we hope that the parents will feel free to contact the undersigned at any time for any enquiry.

(M. A. Banday)
(Ex-Assistant Registrar, KU)

From Principals Desk

I am proud to have been entrusted the charge of “National Public School Langate” as its Principal. Besides, I also feel it an immense pleasure that such a school existed in our locality. Since I took over the charge of the school, I found that the initiative of such a school in our area is a bold step and the Management is eager to see the good academic atmosphere in and around the vicinity. At the initiative, I am satisfied with the role of our Management which empowered me with all deeds. The Teaching Staff reserve special comments on their good performance during the first academic session. The roll and support extended by the parents in particular for their constructive approach and cooperation in handling the administration of the School merits due credit. One thing which impressed me to take over the charge of the school is that the Management members of the school have a good background of educational behavior and potential of good administration and management. As a moral obligation I and my staff are trying our level best to see the bright future of our on roll students.

Withstanding all difficulties, we want our students to have lives filled with friendships, love and high esteem. We want them to be eager to learn and be willing to confront forthcoming challenges. We want them to grow up with confidence in their future life. I hope that the time is not far away when we will see our present budding blooms in the society with proud and pride.

However, we are at helm of affairs in the school and need guidance and suggestions.

(M. Yousuf Bhat)