Admission Process:

Date of issue of forms: 16th September to 28th September;
Last Date for Submission of forms: 30th September;
Date of interview/Test: 5th October (Nursery & UKG); 6th October (1st to 5th classes)
Notification of Selection List: 10th October;
Last Date for deposition of Fee: 24th October;
Notification of Waiting list, if any: 26th October;
Close of Admission: 31st October;
Issue of Books/Stationery & Uniform: 1st to 3rd November (Sunday open)
Beginning of Class work/ 4th November:

Admission forms can be downloaded from our web site: and submitted in the school together with cash receipt of Rs.100/- or the Prospectus containing Admission form can be obtained from the school office within stipulated time. The admission for Nursery (30 seats) and UKG (5 seats) only will be granted on the basis of merit to be assessed by the Admission Committee on determination of:

Interview with the child; (60 points – Physical appearance/fitness = 5 points; Neat and cleanliness =10 points; English/Urdu/Math = 15+15+15) Interaction with either of the parents (Father/Mother/Guardian) who-so-ever is educated: (40 points) Total: 60+40 = 100 points.

The admission for the classes 1st (15 seats only) and 2nd to 5th (30 seats each), will be based on screening test which will be conducted and assessed by the Admission Committee on determination of:

Written Test: English=15 points Urdu =15 points Math =15 points Total = 45 points
Oral Test English=10 points Urdu=10 points Math=10 points Total = 30 points
General/Physical Appearance 25 points 25
Total 25 25 50 100

The admission to respective class will be granted on the basis of merit. A student is required to secure at least 60% marks to qualify for admission. However, the admission is restricted to available vacancies.

Payment of Fee and Other Dues:

No admission fee shall be accepted/received in the school. The parents are required to deposit the full admission fee in Jammu & Kashmir Bank, Langate favouring our account number and on production of authority letter which will be provided by the school administration. The monthly fee structure for the year 2013-14 will be as under:

S.No. Class Tuition Fee Red Cross Fee Sports Total
1 Nursery 550/- --- --- 550/-
2 L. K. G. 550/- --- --- 550/-
3 U. K. G. 550/- --- --- 550/-
4 Class 1st. 600/- --- --- 600/-
5 Class 2nd 600/- --- --- 600/-
6 Class 3rd. 600/- --- --- 600/-
7 Class 4th 600/- 10/- 50/- 660/-
8 Class 5th 600/- 10/- 50/- 660/-

The monthly dues (Tuition / Bus Fee) shall also be received by the respective bank half yearly basis within due time, i.e. upto 10th of November and 10th of May without late fee, failing which the office shall charge over dues of Rs.2/= per day. Therefore, the parents are requested to avoid delay in submission of the dues.



The school curriculum is based on the national pattern of education and designed as per the guidelines of DSE/BOSE, Kashmir. The school administration applies English as a medium of instruction. General Knowledge, Islamic Studies and use of computer devices form an essential part of the school curriculum. Children will be imparted quality education with the help of computer based programme lessons and other audio-visual media. To maintain an ideal standard, ratio between teacher and taught is kept within limits.

The process for up-gradation of senior and secondary standards in the school will follow in due course of time after the necessary formalities are completed.


Download forms:

Admission forms can be obtained on cash payment of Rs.100/- against proper receipt and submitted - dully filled in - at the sale counter of the School. The forms can also be down loaded from our web site which should be deposited at the sale counter on payment of Rs. 100/- against cash receipt. Incomplete forms can be rejected without intimating any information.

Humble Submission to Parents

  1. Parents should not disturber teaching in the school by of and on visits. They should not enter classroom during class hours. They can meet the teachers on parents/ teachers meeting day or as per the schedule prescribed for the purpose.
  2. Co-operation is expected from the parents to help their children’s progress at work. They should check the dairy of their wards daily to see any notice has been issued by the teacher for their attention;
  3. Parents are expected to inform the school if there is any change in address/ telephone etc;
  4. Parents must send a duly signed written note to the school office while sending somebody to take their child from the school;
  5. Any communication made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal;
  6. Parents must attend the Parents Teachers Meeting whenever it is scheduled to see the progress report of their wards;
  7. The child suffering from any contagious or infectious disease should not be send to school till he/she has fully recovered;
  8. Message will not be sent to the students to come out of their classes to meet their parents for diverse reasons;
  9. If a student remains absent during the test/examination except for his/ her personal sickness which must be supported by medical certificate, re-test or re-examination will not be arranged.