Since the transport facility is, now-a-days, the basic requirement for the safety of school children and mandatory for the administration to pave way for the possibility. Therefore, in the first instance we are able to maintain only one bus to accommodate the deserving kids. However, the Bus Route mechanism will be regulated in accordance with the need of the hour and assessment of strength and capacity.



At our primary stage the existence of a Psychological Laboratory is the core requirement for a school and need to be fully equipped with, Psychological Test tools, demonstrated and the apparatus applied in a disciplined and queue order. With this intension in view, the management has arranged required quantity of teaching tools to satisfy the psychological perspectives for the students and the teachers.


Teaching Kits/Aids:

The School has maintained an Audio Visual Hall which is fully equipped with Overhead Projector, Slide Projector, LCD Projector, Maps, Photographs, Teaching Aid material and related instruments.


Computer Laboratory:

In order to utilize the benefits of teaching tools and psychological teaching kits in chronological order, the Computer Laboratory is designed with modern techniques. In addition to related equipments and accessories, the computer Laboratory is fully decorated with furniture, furnishing and electric facilities with the intention to maintain it as a virus/pollution free unit. At present we have five computers, one printers, five CPUs, one generator and five CVTs to make the laboratory functional. The extension instinct is in progress.