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School Construction of National Public School.


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Banday Charitable Society Kashmir, a private non-profit NGO established in memory of Ali Mohammad Banday, Abdul Rashid Banday & Showkat Ahmad Banday for the cause of upliftment of weaker sections of the society.

To bring about technical awareness among destitute by introducing job oriented courses - whole time as well as part time among the public in general and the students community in particular. To promote educational values among drop outs especially handicapped and poor children. To provide free education with facilities for deserved children. In addition to free schooling, the Society intends to provide books, stationery and clothing to the children as are living under below poverty line. To inspire value of education among the public in general and students community in particular without any discrimination so as to maintain the standard of living in all spares of life in its real sense, is the main aim of the Society.

The need for establishment of the society has been felt to explore the quality of standard living among the public in all spares of life and sense of social responsibility. The establishment of the Society is expected that it will prove a boon to the public while bring about a new hope in them by providing information of possibility of schemes provided/offered by different agencies.

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